Wednesday, 1 April 2020

How Faber Castell Makes pencils - by April 2020

How Faber Castell makes Pencils - 
L.I - We are learning how to describe things using an explanation.

Making The Leads -
First they mix graphite and clay. Then they start pressing the leads. They put it into a machine that creates them into long sticks which are called leads. Drying the leads, the people put the leads into a box then after they start firing the leads by putting them into a squared machine. 

Then they put the leads inside of a metal box and give them a wax bath. Sometimes they mix colours to make different shades . When they have their colour ( E.g.: red powder, blue powder or more ) they mix them together to make the leads into that colour.

The pencils -
They get wood and start milling the grooves, then they apply glue. Then the machine gets the leads of any colour and places them into the wood. Then they have another piece of wood and then they place it on top of the leads and the other wood.They get sent to the drying wheel. 
Then they start milling the pencils into different shapes.

Painting and Stamping -
Mixing paint then pour it into a big container and the pencils go through a small hole at the bottom. When they go through it they change into the colour inside the container. They get taken to where they start stamping the pencils with their logo. Faber Castell. The stamped pencils are brought to where the bottom of the pencil gets dipped into paint then the bottom becomes a round shape. After that they go to the drying room.

Finishing -

Quality testing, testing how the pencils work, testing how strong/it breaks and more. Withstanding >2.5kg of pressure. Then they sharpen the pencils using a machine with a circle shaped stone that spins very fast. After they use visual control to check if everything is right or in order they package the pencils.  

Faber Castell/since 1761/companion for life 

Friday, 28 February 2020

The Best Restaurant - by April 2020

The best Restaurant 2020
L.I - We are learning to use our imagination from a picture to create a story.
Their restaurant ( Jack’s food ) was the most popular restaurant since the 80’s. The owner of the restaurant Jack Griffle opened Jack’s Food in 1823. They sold some recipes of their own. In the present the restaurant was the best thing in the world. But a boy named Zack Griffle, hated the restaurant and wanted to shut it down.

he hated the restaurant because his grandfather Bobby Griffle burnt his hand in the kitchen on the stove badly and had to go to the hospital. Zack loved his grandpa, after his accident he felt horrible that he could lose him. People said that he is overreacting. Zack thought they didn’t care about his grandpa. Zack got mad and blamed it on the restaurant, and the people.

He had an idea, he decided to make a video of how bad the restaurant is. Zack started recording and said “You should never EVER come to Jack’s Food, they actually pick their noses and place them into the food, and they don't wash their hands after going to the toilet! Never come here! EVER!”. After feeling proud he sent the video to youtube and waited for answers. His first comment was “you liar! You would have told us how you knew! Show us PROOF!!” and then there were more hate comments. He was even more angry, then he thought of another plan.

His next idea was to break things, and edit photos of food that are green, or burnt. After taking photos he sent it to youtube and was waiting for comments again. His first comment was “you are really bad at lying, it is saturday! They have a day off, and how did you even get those photos? Robber!”. Then more hate comments came again. He felt so angry he thought of burning the restaurant.. He deleted the videos and tried another plan.

Until, he saw the account that always figured out he was lying. And he knew who it was but forgot. Then his sister ( Jackie Griffle ) walked in the room and said cheekly “it was me, just wait till I tell mom and dad!”. Zack was surprised, but he didn’t want to be in trouble. He ran after his sister for ages, until... they both ran outside and then…”surprise!” Zack was confused. Then in the middle he saw his grandpa. 

He ran up to him and screamed “ I missed you!!” “I missed you too” replied grandpa. 
But he got in trouble for trying to shut the restaurant down. But he promised never to do that again. And his grandpa promised to be careful when he is in the kitchen.  

Mrs Funny Fun - by April 2020

Mrs Funny Fun
Once upon a time there was a teacher named Mrs Funny fun. Her family was the funniest and fun family in the world. Mrs. Fun didn’t like being funny all the time. She wanted some action in her life. When she came back from teaching her house looked like a million dollars. There were two pools, three floors, and nine bedrooms. 

She was confused about how they built all of this in time. Her mom Mrs Funniest walked in the room and answered “we won a lottery and was going to make it a surprise for you”. Mrs Funniest was dressed like a popstar. Mrs Fun got mad, she didn’t expect her family to buy thousands of things. She thought they would have saved the money for food and 

She had an idea to steal half of the money and move away without telling. She knew it was bad but decided to do it anyways. Stealing was the first thing that her family would not do. She felt great and horrible at the same time. She took $500,000 from her dad Mr Funniest.

 The first place she planned to go was Las Vegas. She shouted “This place is amazing!!” She decided everywhere she goes she stays there for five days, and some pictures to remember. She was gone for 55 weeks. When she went back to NZ she found her family crying, and the police inside her house. 

She thinks that her family thought she was kidnapped. After that she had a good time, she noticed that was something wrong. She went to her parents and told them everything. And showed them the pictures for proof. Her parents actually got mad, but thankful as well knowing that their child is safe.

But her family promised to not be happy all the time, and change emotions. She was happy her parents decided to change but she still was regretting not going, and also not regretting. Thinking what would have happened if she didn't come back, or if she stayed. But now she doesn’t care because she has her family by her side.    

Friday, 30 August 2019

How to make a peanut butter and jam sandwich -by April

L.i.: write detailed instructions.

How To Make A Peanut Butter Sandwich -
What You will need :
Peanut Butter, two knives, Jam, a plate, and bread.
Step one : Grab two slices of bread on place it on your plate separately .
Step two : Spread your peanut butter with your knife. Do he same to your other slice of bread but with jam.

Step three : Place your two slices of bread together then eat it.

Friday, 26 July 2019

How to make a friendly comment - by April

Talofa, Kia ora.

This is how to make a comment that is positive and friendly. 

Firstly read their writing or comment.
Next you think about their writing for facts that don’t seem right.
After make a draft comment about the things they missed or things that are wrong.

Example : 

all abok mi
Hello mi am callded _____ i l0vev peanuters , butier 

th@nis for watch       ing……….,,;,

Draft Comment : Kia ora (always start with an introduction), my name is April. I love your writing, but you’re missing some punctuation, capital letters, spelling. Also this is not a channel. You’re writing a blog ( always be positive in a nice way ). 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Information report : Alligators - by April

Alligators are reptiles that live in Jungles that are near a lot of water.

Appearance :
Alligators have short, sharp teeth. They have little patterns around their body. They have four legs & don’t stand. On sunny days the alligators go into water before their dried from the sun. Their size is 7 feet and 6 inches long, their height is 3-4.6m.

Diet :
Alligators sometimes go into near water to catch their fish, or stay away from the sun. They also eat gars, snails, worms, turtles, insects, & crustacean. To catch their prey they go into not clear water but dirty water so it makes it hard for the fish to see the alligator.

Abilities :
Alligators have very good eyesight, but some can be blind. The alligators that have good eyesight, it's easier for them to hunt its prey. Alligators feel pain, if they don’t feel pain it would be hard for them to live. When it becomes blind they use their great smelling ability to find its way out or to find its food.  They use a sneaky tactic to catch their prey. As in gars, snails, worms, turtles, insects, & crustacean.

Life Cycle :
When the female alligators are pregnant they build their nests. Then add mud on top. Then she  lays her eggs inside. Female alligators can lay 10-70 eggs. When the Alligator hatches, the life cycle starts over.

Linking sentence -