Friday, 18 September 2020

Sumdog Maths Competition - By April 2020

The Sumdog Competition is about trying to answer as many correct questions as possible. I enjoyed this and found this really challenging. Next time 
I might take my time and not go too fast. When we win we get free maths for 3 months.


Horoi o ringaringa! / Wash your hands! - by April 2020

Always wash your hands. Washing your hands kills the germs you have touched. Germs can make you have Covid 19 and you might not know. When you don't know if you have the Covid 19 then you might spread it to your Whānau/Family. Its good to kia tupato/ be careful
Horoi O RingaRinga / Wash your hands! 
This was not challenging, but next time I might do a slide show and add more effort. 

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Mop Head / Diary Entries - By April 2020

Mop Head Diary Entries
Learning Intention : W.A.L.T - create diary entries about a fantasy character, or an actor from a movie.

A diary entry is making a "diary" about a character, actor from a movie or series, or someone in a book. We read a book named Mop Head, Mop Head has crazy hair. I chose a bully of Mop Head. I did not find this that challenging, but I enjoyed making up a character, and coming up with her friends name.

Day One / Tuesday
Dear Diary… There is this ugly girl at my school! I hate her because she had this ugly hair! I got my I Phone X 110 Pro and took a picture of her hair and in a photo editor app and added bugs and lice’s from roogle. Then I sent it to WixRom. Now people shall never be her friend and she will have the worst hair day in the world!

Day Two / Wednesday
While I was walking to school a random guy ran up to me and started shouting at me. Then others started doing the same thing. And I knew that Mop Head was the point of me getting hated on. I hate her so much!

Day Three / Thursday
In math class I had to be partners with Mop Head. It was a nightmare, but now I could expose her house and see how bad it looks. But when I came to her house it was so neutral, and too clean. She doesn't even have a maid or butler. I had to stay without lying on the couch with my I Phone X 110 Pro

Day Four / Friday
My friend Scarlet was walking to school with me. I saw a cheerleaders competition! I have been a cheerleader for like 3 years. I know I am going to win! But then... Mop Head came, and she saw the poster.. and she signed up! But I do not have to worry because I know she would be bad. Bye Diary, see you after the tryouts on Monday.


Monday, 17 August 2020

How to play "Capture the Flag" - by April 2020

Teacher Example

How to play capture the flag

In this game the objective is to get 3 of the opponent's

flags from their nest and return them to your nest. The rules are 

quite simple: There are two teams. Each team wears different colours.

Having even numbers makes this fair. 

  1. The playing field, or court is divided into 2 halves. Each team 

has one half as their home zone. 

  1. Inside each half is the nest, where 3 flags are kept. The game ends 

once you have all 3 of the opponents flag 

  1. in your nest & yell “STOP!” 

  2. To start the game, the referee blows a 

whistle which allows players to begin running into the opponents half, you must freeze,

  1. Someone who is tagged can be unfrozen by a tag from your teammates.

My example :

What you will need -

Rippa belts 

Rippa tags red and blue

 Lots of Cones 

6x Small flags

    1. First you have to get black tags on.

    2. Find a good referee who won’t be silly.

    3. Either play on the field or court ( I recommend the field )

    4. Set some cones in the middle, and place cones at the end and the front in a shape of a square.

    5. Then place 3 blue flags inside one of the cone squares. And puts 3 red flags inside the other cone squares. 

    6. Next the referee sorts out the team.

    7. Then put on your blue tags if your in the blue team and put on red tags if you're in the red team.

    8. Then while you're playing you have to take the opponents flags.

    9. You have to take the red flag if your in the blue team. You cannot take a blue flag. 

    10. When you walk into the opponent's zone they can tag you.

    11. When you are tagged you must freeze.

    12. If the other team comes into your zone then you can tag them.

    13. To unfreeze your teammate you have to come and tag them then run back to your area.

    14. Your opponent / other team cannot tag you if they're in your zone. You can tag them.

    15. If you reach into the flag area nobody can tag you. You have to run with a red or blue flag to your zone.

    16. When you run with the flag and you are tagged you must put the flag back carefully and go to your zone.

    17. If one team has all of the opponents flags ( example : As in has all the red or blue flags) and yells STOP!” then they win.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

What is the Church? - by April 2020 - 28/7/20

What is the Church?
Learning Intention : W.A.L.T - do explanation writing.

The Church is a place where people pray and praise God, Jesus, and all the angels.

Some schools go to church each Friday, weekend, Monday or everyday/any day. We also go to church to celebrate the kingdom of God and to help him build on that kingdom ( Meaning : We go to church to be kind, helpful and caring. We get more people to come to church so they can help more people to become more kind.)

There are many ways to honour/praise God. Doing Prayers, as in the five finger prayer, meditating, or singing like we do in the church. We can do praying anywhere/anytime. Before you eat, when your going to go to sleep, at school, and definitely at church. 

Jesus is apart of the church, he is in the Tabernacle, and on the cross. It represents that Jesus/Messiah saved and forgave our sins, by letting people hang him on the cross. 

We don't just go to church to make people feel proud of you. We go to church to worship God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all.

Friday, 24 July 2020

My Model Teacher- by April 2020

Learning Intention : We are learning to... find good qualities that a good teacher would have.

For our R.E we searched for good qualities that would fit a good teacher. We chose the qualities that were good and placed them into a site called "Word art". I did not find this challenging, but I might use another website if we do something similar to this.  

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

How Faber Castell Makes Their Pencils - by April 2020

How Faber Castell makes Pencils - 
L.I - We are learning how to describe things using an explanation.

Room 7 were looking at a video of how Faber Castell makes their pencils, it was satisfying, and really amazing to watch. Our teacher wanted us to recap of how Faber Castell made it. 

Making The Leads -
First they mix graphite and clay. Then they start pressing the leads. They put it into a machine that creates them into long sticks which are called leads. Drying the leads, the people put the leads into a box then after they start firing the leads by putting them into a squared machine. 

Then they put the leads inside of a metal box and give them a wax bath. Sometimes they mix colours to make different shades . When they have their colour ( E.g.: red powder, blue powder or more ) they mix them together to make the leads into that colour.

The pencils -
They get wood and start milling the grooves, then they apply glue. Then the machine gets the leads of any colour and places them into the wood. Then they have another piece of wood and then they place it on top of the leads and the other wood.They get sent to the drying wheel. 
Then they start milling the pencils into different shapes.

Painting and Stamping -
Mixing paint then pour it into a big container and the pencils go through a small hole at the bottom. When they go through it they change into the colour inside the container. They get taken to where they start stamping the pencils with their logo. Faber Castell. The stamped pencils are brought to where the bottom of the pencil gets dipped into paint then the bottom becomes a round shape. After that they go to the drying room.

Finishing -

Quality testing, testing how the pencils work, testing how strong/it breaks and more. Withstanding >2.5kg of pressure. Then they sharpen the pencils using a machine with a circle shaped stone that spins very fast. After they use visual control to check if everything is right or in order they package the pencils.  

Faber Castell/since 1761/companion for life