Monday, 30 November 2020

Moscow/Russia - By April and Angelina 2020

L.I- We are learning to create D.L.O's about places we learnt from Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure. 

I really enjoyed this, I like learning new places, since I have never been out of my home town.

 Probably my next steps could be to make a slide, or to add more details about Moscow. 

I have no questions for this D.L.O. But I might try and be more creative, or try to make a video about it.

We discovered and researched these facts from Wikipedia, and Google.

Friday, 20 November 2020

Aotearoa - By April 2020

I found this quite challenging to me, but I enjoyed learning about new places since I have never been out of Auckland. I will next time try some more information and my hardest, and I have no questions. 

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Nepal In China - by April 2020 - 22/10/20

5 Facts about Nepal in China

L.I - W.A.L.T - We are learning to present facts in NZ by creating a D.L.O about Nepal in China for our Zepsri Competition.

The Himalayas in Nepal were created by a huge collision

That caused the mountains in there country, there mountains are still growing, and they have the tallest mountains. Even mount Everest. 

Symbols of the flag

The crimson red colour symbols bravery and also symbols the colour of the rhododendron ( Nepal’s natural flower ). The blue border is the colour of peace. The sun and the crescent moon had faces, but they were removed to modernise the flag. Nepal has the 10th highest Mountains in our whole earth. (Source) (2nd Source) 

Edmund Hillary ( Extra )

Edmund Hillary visited the Nepal, and climbed mount Everest. He is thanked for many reasons, he helps building schools, hospitals, bridges, an airstrip, and so much more. The Nepal gave him there trust.

Monday, 12 October 2020

What jobs use measurement / word art - by April 2020

 We did this word art because we are currently learning measurement for our maths. We listed all the jobs that use measurement and created a word art about it. This was kind of challenging, but I have no questions for this. Next time I could try to do more effort.

Link for word art if you want to use it..

How to get the background..

Friday, 18 September 2020

Sumdog Maths Competition - By April 2020

The Sumdog Competition is about trying to answer as many correct questions as possible. I enjoyed this and found this really challenging. Next time 
I might take my time and not go too fast. When we win we get free maths for 3 months.


Horoi o ringaringa! / Wash your hands! - by April 2020

Always wash your hands. Washing your hands kills the germs you have touched. Germs can make you have Covid 19 and you might not know. When you don't know if you have the Covid 19 then you might spread it to your Whānau/Family. Its good to kia tupato/ be careful
Horoi O RingaRinga / Wash your hands! 
This was not challenging, but next time I might do a slide show and add more effort. 

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Mop Head / Diary Entries - By April 2020

Mop Head Diary Entries
Learning Intention : W.A.L.T - create diary entries about a fantasy character, or an actor from a movie.

A diary entry is making a "diary" about a character, actor from a movie or series, or someone in a book. We read a book named Mop Head, Mop Head has crazy hair. I chose a bully of Mop Head. I did not find this that challenging, but I enjoyed making up a character, and coming up with her friends name.

Day One / Tuesday
Dear Diary… There is this ugly girl at my school! I hate her because she had this ugly hair! I got my I Phone X 110 Pro and took a picture of her hair and in a photo editor app and added bugs and lice’s from roogle. Then I sent it to WixRom. Now people shall never be her friend and she will have the worst hair day in the world!

Day Two / Wednesday
While I was walking to school a random guy ran up to me and started shouting at me. Then others started doing the same thing. And I knew that Mop Head was the point of me getting hated on. I hate her so much!

Day Three / Thursday
In math class I had to be partners with Mop Head. It was a nightmare, but now I could expose her house and see how bad it looks. But when I came to her house it was so neutral, and too clean. She doesn't even have a maid or butler. I had to stay without lying on the couch with my I Phone X 110 Pro

Day Four / Friday
My friend Scarlet was walking to school with me. I saw a cheerleaders competition! I have been a cheerleader for like 3 years. I know I am going to win! But then... Mop Head came, and she saw the poster.. and she signed up! But I do not have to worry because I know she would be bad. Bye Diary, see you after the tryouts on Monday.