Friday, 26 July 2019

How to make a friendly comment - by April

Talofa, Kia ora.

This is how to make a comment that is positive and friendly. 

Firstly read their writing or comment.
Next you think about their writing for facts that don’t seem right.
After make a draft comment about the things they missed or things that are wrong.

Example : 

all abok mi
Hello mi am callded _____ i l0vev peanuters , butier 

th@nis for watch       ing……….,,;,

Draft Comment : Kia ora (always start with an introduction), my name is April. I love your writing, but you’re missing some punctuation, capital letters, spelling. Also this is not a channel. You’re writing a blog ( always be positive in a nice way ). 

1 comment:

  1. Kia ora April, I like that you are giving some guidance on how to make a friendly comment that promotes learning by blog commenting! I did notice you didn't include a specific, positive statement in your three steps (although you did include looking out for "facts that don't seem right"). I read a lot of blogs and I find people often say nice things but are less likely to point out errors (in a helpful way). But I still think one of your steps should be to point out something helpful or interesting. I look forward to commenting more on your blog posts. Nga mihi, Naomi