Wednesday, 1 April 2020

How Faber Castell Makes pencils - by April 2020

How Faber Castell makes Pencils - 
L.I - We are learning how to describe things using an explanation.

Making The Leads -
First they mix graphite and clay. Then they start pressing the leads. They put it into a machine that creates them into long sticks which are called leads. Drying the leads, the people put the leads into a box then after they start firing the leads by putting them into a squared machine. 

Then they put the leads inside of a metal box and give them a wax bath. Sometimes they mix colours to make different shades . When they have their colour ( E.g.: red powder, blue powder or more ) they mix them together to make the leads into that colour.

The pencils -
They get wood and start milling the grooves, then they apply glue. Then the machine gets the leads of any colour and places them into the wood. Then they have another piece of wood and then they place it on top of the leads and the other wood.They get sent to the drying wheel. 
Then they start milling the pencils into different shapes.

Painting and Stamping -
Mixing paint then pour it into a big container and the pencils go through a small hole at the bottom. When they go through it they change into the colour inside the container. They get taken to where they start stamping the pencils with their logo. Faber Castell. The stamped pencils are brought to where the bottom of the pencil gets dipped into paint then the bottom becomes a round shape. After that they go to the drying room.

Finishing -

Quality testing, testing how the pencils work, testing how strong/it breaks and more. Withstanding >2.5kg of pressure. Then they sharpen the pencils using a machine with a circle shaped stone that spins very fast. After they use visual control to check if everything is right or in order they package the pencils.  

Faber Castell/since 1761/companion for life 


  1. Hello, April
    it's me Lupe from your class, I like how you explain how pencils are made , your writing is very interesting , keep up the great work .

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  3. Fantastic Job on your explanation writing, April. Your explanation was very clear and understandable for me to read. I just felt like this writing took just one try. Amazing writing, keep up the good work! :)