Thursday, 10 September 2020

Mop Head / Diary Entries - By April 2020

Mop Head Diary Entries
Learning Intention : W.A.L.T - create diary entries about a fantasy character, or an actor from a movie.

A diary entry is making a "diary" about a character, actor from a movie or series, or someone in a book. We read a book named Mop Head, Mop Head has crazy hair. I chose a bully of Mop Head. I did not find this that challenging, but I enjoyed making up a character, and coming up with her friends name.

Day One / Tuesday
Dear Diary… There is this ugly girl at my school! I hate her because she had this ugly hair! I got my I Phone X 110 Pro and took a picture of her hair and in a photo editor app and added bugs and lice’s from roogle. Then I sent it to WixRom. Now people shall never be her friend and she will have the worst hair day in the world!

Day Two / Wednesday
While I was walking to school a random guy ran up to me and started shouting at me. Then others started doing the same thing. And I knew that Mop Head was the point of me getting hated on. I hate her so much!

Day Three / Thursday
In math class I had to be partners with Mop Head. It was a nightmare, but now I could expose her house and see how bad it looks. But when I came to her house it was so neutral, and too clean. She doesn't even have a maid or butler. I had to stay without lying on the couch with my I Phone X 110 Pro

Day Four / Friday
My friend Scarlet was walking to school with me. I saw a cheerleaders competition! I have been a cheerleader for like 3 years. I know I am going to win! But then... Mop Head came, and she saw the poster.. and she signed up! But I do not have to worry because I know she would be bad. Bye Diary, see you after the tryouts on Monday.


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