Tuesday, 28 July 2020

What is the Church? - by April 2020 - 28/7/20

What is the Church?
Learning Intention : W.A.L.T - do explanation writing.

The Church is a place where people pray and praise God, Jesus, and all the angels.

Some schools go to church each Friday, weekend, Monday or everyday/any day. We also go to church to celebrate the kingdom of God and to help him build on that kingdom ( Meaning : We go to church to be kind, helpful and caring. We get more people to come to church so they can help more people to become more kind.)

There are many ways to honour/praise God. Doing Prayers, as in the five finger prayer, meditating, or singing like we do in the church. We can do praying anywhere/anytime. Before you eat, when your going to go to sleep, at school, and definitely at church. 

Jesus is apart of the church, he is in the Tabernacle, and on the cross. It represents that Jesus/Messiah saved and forgave our sins, by letting people hang him on the cross. 

We don't just go to church to make people feel proud of you. We go to church to worship God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all.

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